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Dental Insurance

We’re Here to Help
If you have dental insurance, we will help you to better understand your insurance benefits and secure the reimbursement you are due. We can help you by:

  • Assisting you in filling out your dental insurance paperwork
  • Supporting you with questions you have regarding dental insurance
  • Supplying all documentation required to support your dental claim, including digital x-rays, digital
    pictures and supporting documentation regarding treatment

As you understand, you are the direct customer of the insurance company. As your dentist, we have no control over how much, or even if, dental insurance will reimburse you for dental care. We have found, however, that when patients talk with their insurance companies personally and file their claims directly, they are more likely to receive a response and payment faster and with more accuracy. We are here to help you understand your insurance, fill out your forms and guide you in filing them, but we believe you will get a better response doing the actual communication with the insurer yourself.

Please keep in mind that ALL PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICES. But because we feel that insurance should not dictate the quality and timing of your dental care, we do offer payment options, including long-term, competitive financing plans, (often at 0% interest rate) and pre-payment courtesy savings. Please feel free to e-mail us or call with any questions at 828-251-5800