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Dental Health is a Choice

happy dental patientsI believe there is an essential relationship between a person’s physical and emotional health and that good oral health is vital to both. My vision is to help our patients strive for a beautiful, functional, and comfortable smile as part of a whole-health approach to achieving lifelong wellness.

Our experienced team spends a great deal of time and effort helping you to understand your oral health and assisting you in making the best decisions about treatment. It is my experience that people make good healthcare choices if given appropriate knowledge, a thorough understanding of their options and confidence that they will be treated by a team of gentle, dedicated professionals. My goal is to develop a review of findings and a health-centered plan based on mutual trust and respect. It is my firm belief that the best thing I can do for my patients is to help them need as little dental care as possible in their lifetime.

Dentist control panelFor decades, dental tradition focused mainly on checking and cleaning teeth and recommending treatments to fix or replace them and improve their appearance. But this neglects one critical aspect: a holistic view of the mouth as part of a whole-body system. Of course the goal remains the health of the teeth and gums, but we also focus on the connection between teeth, gums, jaw joints, chewing, and the state of your overall health.